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About Us

Thank you for Visiting Main St. Tax 
Tax Service

Main St. is the Nation's first "mobile" tax service of its kind. This website is devoted to Main St. tax services only. Our sole purpose for existence is to prepare your tax returns properly.

You will not find us at a single location. Though our Home Office is located in Somerset, NJ, we go out to prepare your taxes wherever you are...in banks, supermarkets, department stores, etc.  In other words,  you'll find us  in t he mall areas.  Anywhere you are, we will be there, yes, even in your homes if neccessary.  Our aim is to do the honest, professional and accurate job you need when dealing with Uncle Sam.

Time is of the utmost importance in our lives today. We understand. That's why we have established private intercom systems throughout our participating stores. (Don't worry, your name will never be blurted out over a loud speaker.) When you wish to shop while your taxes are being prepared, you are given a small attachable telephone device for communication with your preparer.  If he needs additional information, he will simply beep you on the phone device provided. All you have to do is answer it.

We also have set fees for preparing your tax returns. Our price list is pre-determined to maintain the best value for each form you bring to us. There will be an additional cost only if the length of time used preparing a schedule exceeds the time that it normally takes to finish that particular schedule. On the other hand, we will exact every penny you have coming based on the data you provide. And, under most conditions, you will have your refund money within 3 to 10 business days--no extra charge.

We are not here to sell you anything either. We don't have mortgages to offer...You get that from a mortgage broker. We are not going to rollover your IRA money...We leave that to the financial institutions. We are not demanding 36% on an instant refund anticipation loan "until you get your refund check from Uncle Sam"...We think that's absurd...We are here for one purpose, to prepare your tax returns as accurately as posible, that's all.

We stand behind our word and our work. All returns are guaranteed. If a mistake is made by one of our preparers, we will correct the mistake at no charge to you. Our preparers are required to ask whether you want us to speak for you if the IRS gets involved...With your permission, we will take on that responsibility. We give new meaning to the old adage, "The customer is always right," because we truly feel that way.

So, come in to see us, at your Malls and Mall areas!

Copyright 2021, mainsttax.com

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