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IRS Multilingual Gateway Offers Online Help in Other Languages

If you speak English as a second language, the IRS online Multilingual Gateway may be a good alternative for you to get the information you need to file your federal tax return. The Gateway provides basic federal income tax information in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese and Spanish.

The Multilingual Gateway offers expanded online language services to individuals, small businesses and international taxpayers. Embedded links allow you to obtain tax filing information and products in your native language.

The Multilingual Gateway, found by clicking "Other Languages" on the top right of the IRS.gov homepage, features:

  • Downloadable files
  • Links to other sections on IRS.gov
  • Uniform index for all languages
  • Access via a user friendly link: IRS.gov/languages
  • Files you can read online or download and print

The IRS.gov website service is designed to be a user-friendly resource as part of increased IRS efforts to better help taxpayers with Limited English Proficiency.



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