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Ptin Renewal Info

PTIN Renewal Open Season Now Available


Dear Tax Professional,

Open season for PTIN renewals has begun. If you will be preparing tax returns for compensation in 2012, you need to renew your PTIN before next year. Before you begin the renewal process, be sure to review the checklist of information and documents you will need in order to complete your PTIN renewal.

Paper Applications

If you applied for your 2011 PTIN using a paper Form W-12, you will be able to link your PTIN to an online account and renew online. You will receive an activation code and instructions on how to link to your account in the coming weeks.

If you prefer to renew your PTIN on paper, you must mail a paper Form W-12. Paper renewals take 4-6 weeks to process.

Online Account Access

Access your existing online PTIN account and select PTIN Renewal. If you have forgotten your User ID, select “Forgot User ID” under Returning Users. You will be asked to enter the email address associated with your account and the answer to your secret question.

Secure Messaging

Online account holders now have access to online secure messaging in your PTIN account. You will receive notifications of all future secure PTIN correspondence at the email address you used to set up your PTIN account. To change that email address, log into your PTIN account and select “View or Edit Account Login Information” from the Main Menu.

Renewal Cycle

Renewal is on a calendar year basis. Your PTIN will expire on December 31 each year.




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