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Get prepared for the industry changes that will affect us all next tax season. Change is good especially in the tax business. Founder and CEO of Liberty Tax, John Hewitt will address important issues that will change the landscape in this business. This is your chance to interact with one of the most interesting and inspiring business gurus of the 21st century. Come meet and experience John as he shares his passion for helping taxpayers and tax franchise owners. This event promises to be entertaining and a perfect time for you to examine how your options for the future could be changing for the better.
  • Why is tax preparation a great industry?
  • Why is Liberty the best tax company?
  • How is a proven system developed?
  • Is a seasonal business lucrative?
  • How is a powerful brand created?
  • What is 2020 Vision?
The answers to these questions and more can be heard at the Liberty Tax Informational Seminar. March 22nd 2012, in Virginia Beach VA.

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