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Tax Classes

Tax classes

According to a survey posted on AOL in March, 2009, income tax preparing is one of the five best part time jobs  in the country.  And, because of the economy, 2009 was a bad year for the tax preparation business, (although main St. Tax and all  of the big three enjoyed an increase in sales.)  The economy is on the mend now.  The 2010 tax season promises to be a wildly lucrative year for the professional tax preparers.  Those in the know say that we are looking at the biggest comeback year in the history of our industry.  From the way things look with the economy and the new tax laws (Obama Rules), I am sure they are right.

You want to be a part of it?  Sign up for our free tax fundamentals course.  Main St. Tax classes start in September of each year and run for nine weeks.  A passing grade of 89% gets you an automatic bid to work with Main St. Tax for the 2010 tax season.  Apply now online! or call (732)419-9473.


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